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Thank you for your beautiful painting and card. We really love your amazing work. 

We moved into our new home at the very end of last year (just before Christmas). We needed some paintings on our walls, especially the main piece for the wall between the living room and dinning area. We know we wanted a painting that can make us feel calm and relaxed. 

One day, I saw your work. I know this is the one for us from the first glance - beautiful blue colour, silky, and smooth waves. I checked the size of the painting, it's perfect for the space on our wall. 

When I received the painting, I was amazed by the quality of the painting and love it on beautiful linen. I feel calm and peaceful, at the beach in a beautiful sunny day every time I see this painting. As all parents, we have a busy schedule for work and kids. Sometimes life can be very stressful. This painting is ideal for our family. We'll definitely keep it for a long time. 

Thank you

A Silky Sea

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Hi Alanah,
Your painting arrived today and we love it!

Underwater Staircase

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Hi Alanah, 
I received your beautiful painting last Wk and I am so happy with it. I love the detail in the water and the work makes me feel like I am floating on a surfboard in a peaceful place. The framing colour is perfect too. 
Hope my support can help you to stay creative!

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